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Traveller's tale . . .
As the former branch to Hawes diverges to our right we immediately cross the expanse of Dandry Mire on Dandry Mire Viaduct (also known as Moorcock Viaduct).
Mouthwatering trivia. . .
It was originally intended to build an embankment here but after tipping ¾ million cubic feet of earth which ultimately just sank into the bog it was decided a viaduct would be a better idea!
Class 156 on Dandry Mire Viaduct 60013 [Robert Boyle] on Dandry Mire Viaduct
Traveller's tale . . .
After crossing the Sedbergh-Hawes road with the Moorcock Inn to our right we enter the short 98 yard Moorcock Tunnel then cross the five-arch Lunds Viaduct. We have now crossed back into North Yorkshire and will remain so as far as Ais Gill summit.
156438 on Lunds Viaduct 158790 at Lunds Viaduct VIDEO ...
We've added a nice little video. It depicts 37408 and 37405 on the 13.33 Carlisle-Leeds.
Traveller's tale . . .
Immediately after crossing Lunds we pass Grisedale Crossing, only two miles now to the summit of the line. On the left is a lone house, Grisedale Crossing Cottage, with wonderful views down the valley to Hawes and right next to the railway, what a delightful place to live, the Settle & Carlisle at the bottom of your garden!
Mouthwatering trivia. . .
At Grisedale Crossing can be found the only plate-girder footbridge on the line, built in 1936, replacing a wooden structure from 1886. Unfortunately you can't see it because I'm stood on it! Rosie's sitting by it below.
66068 at Grisedale Crossing 66120 at Grisedale Crossing 66512 at Grisedale Crossing Rosie at Grisedale Crossing
Traveller's tale . . .
Not long after Grisedale Crossing we pass through Shotlock Hill Tunnel. It is only 108 yards in length and the hillside is shallow here, the tunnel appears to be superfluous and a cutting would surely have sufficed?
47741 [Resilient] at Shotlock Hill Tunnel 156484 at Shotlock Hill Tunnel 60022 at Shotlock Hill Tunnel
Traveller's tale . . .
It's been 23 miles of almost climbing from Settle and there's 49 to go to Carlisle, but we've now reached the summit of the line at Ais Gill. In steam days this is where firemen took a well earned rest, and who can blame them? For the traveller there are some marvellous views across Mallerstang Common and the Eden Valley.
Mouthwatering trivia. . .
Ais Gill Summit is 1169 feet above sea level and is the highest point on a main line in England. There were refuge sidings here but no loops, this meant that there were no facing points into the sidings only trailing points after running past them which meant that slow goods trains had to first pass the siding and then set-back (reverse) into them.
66528 at Ais Gill Summit 60043 at Ais Gill
Not many people know that:
Zulus! - farsands of 'em The signal box that stood at Ais Gill is now preserved at the Midland Railway Centre at Butterley in Derbyshire.
60078 at Ais Gill 153351+156481 at Ais Gill
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