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Helwith Bridge to Horton in Ribblesdale
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Traveller's tale . . .
With Penyghent to our right and both used and disused quarry workings to our left we cross the Ribble for the last time on a small viaduct with a rare half mile of level track before we climb again to Crag Hill.
156475+142080 at Helwith Bridge 47757 [Restitution] at Helwith Bridge 60040 at Helwith Bridge
Mouthwatering trivia. . .
Just north of the viaduct on the right hand side was the former Helwith Bridge signal box and opposite were quarry sidings, a few traces of which still remain.
Local tittle-tattle ...
The area to the north of Helwith Bridge was an old glacial lake and the surrounding quarries produced granite, slate and of course, limestone. Quarrying is still carried out at nearby Arcow Quarry and it was the comedian Mike Harding who aptly said: "They are taking away the Yorkshire Dales in lorries bit by bit!"
Traveller's tale . . .
Between Helwith Bridge and Horton in Ribblesdale is Crag Hill. There are only footpaths here, the nearest road is a mile away. Sheep, wild birds and flowers are in abundance plus the odd farm or two as you follow the river Ribble northwards.
Rosie at Helwith Bridge 66719 [Metroland] at Helwith Bridge Classes 153+153+158 at Crag Hill 60085 at Crag Hill
Traveller's tale . . .
The horn sounds for the foot crossing and we curve to the right then past the former sidings into Horton Quarry on our left as we approach the delightful station of Horton in Ribblesdale.
66250 at Horton in Ribblesdale Rosie on Horton in Ribblesdale station 47544 at Horton in Ribblesdale
Mouthwatering trivia . . .
To the south of Horton station on the down side of the line were the sidings to "Delaney's Works" which later became part of "Settle Limes Ltd" and now known as Horton Quarry. Owned today by Hanson and unfortunately for the environment, everything goes out by road.
Local tittle-tattle ...
Horton lies on the Pennine Way and is the starting point for many walkers and ramblers for the ascent of Penyghent. The village church of St.Oswald dates back to Norman times and the surrounding area is well known for its caves and potholes.
It has two pubs: The Crown Hotel and The Golden Lion
Not many people know that:
nar listen - and listen good! In the 1950's and 60's under Stationmaster Taylor, Horton won the "Best Kept Station" award for 17 consecutive years.
158848 at Horton in Ribblesdale 60010 at Horton in Ribblesdale 66527 [Don Raider] at Horton in Ribblesdale
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