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Appleby to Armathwaite
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Traveller's tale . . .
Leaving Appleby we cross over the former North Eastern Railway line to Penrith and from here the "fells" become "pikes". Just before Long Marton we cross Trout Beck on the five-arch Long Marton Viaduct.
Mouthwatering trivia . . .
Long Marton Viaduct was constructed from red sandstone between 1871 and 1874, it lies immediately to the south of the former Long Marton station which closed in 1970 and like many former station buildings it is now a private residence.
Class 156 on Long Marton Viaduct
Traveller's tale . . .
Kirkby Thore British Gypsum sidings are on the down side (left) and are often referred to as Newbiggin, though Newbiggin itself is actually a few miles further north, but names and locations don't always go together on the railway!
Mouthwatering trivia . . .
This is where the gypsum trains from Drax power station terminate. There are also four local mines, three drift and a quarry, from where gypsum is locally extracted and has been for over 200 years. The station buildings at Newbiggin still stand and are now in private ownership.
66190 at Kirkby Thore 60005 at Kirkby Thore
I'm gonna have to teach you some manners! Not many people know that:
The Midland Railway decided to call their station at Newbiggin "New Biggin" - with two words, though the place has never been called "New Biggin" in over 600 years!
Local tittle-tattle ...
Kirkby Thore village is situated near to the confluence of the rivers Eden and Troutbeck. It got its name from a temple dedicated to the main idol of the pagan Saxons called Thor, the God of thunder, whom they worshipped every Thursday. It was Thor of course, who gave his name to the day of the week - Thursday.
Traveller's tale . . .
Over Crowdundle viaduct above Crowdundle Beck and the former county boundary between Cumberland and Westmorland is crossed and Culgaith is reached where we find the first of only two level crossings on the line.
Local tittle-tattle ...
Culgaith is first recorded in the reign of Henry I. It was close enough to the Scottish border to be at risk from Scottish raids throughout the middle ages. In 1468 villagers shared a watch with neighbouring townships.
156 +142 at Culgaith 142083+156490 at Culgaith 144022 at Culgaith Class 156 at Culgaith
Mouthwatering trivia. . .
The station was built four years after the line had been opened, a result of local pressure from inhabitants and a generous amount of persuasion from the local vicar. It is now closed and a private residence - of course!
nar listen - and listen good! Not many people know that: The section of line from here through Culgaith tunnel to Waste Bank Tunnel is the longest section of level running on the line.
Traveller's tale . . .
After Culgaith we pass through Culgaith Tunnel and then the short Waste Bank Tunnel after which the River Eamont joins the Eden and after skirting Langwathby Moor we arrive at Langwathby with it's "Brief Encounter" cafe. The photographs here were taken a few miles to the south of Langwathby at Langwathby Moor and just to the north of Waste Bank Tunnel.
66170 at Langwathby Moor 156463 at Langwathby Moor
Bow Bells? - never heard of 'em! Not many people know that:
Langwathby is in the Guiness Book of Records as having the country's longest-lasting temporary bridge built back in 1968 and still waiting to be replaced!
Local tittle-tattle ...
Langwathby lies five miles to the east of Penrith and was formerly owned by the kings of Scotland from the reign of Henry III to William III. It was purchased in 1787 by the Duke of Devonshire in whose family it currently resides.
Traveller's tale . . .
After passing through Langwathby a little under two miles further on is the village of Little Salkeld and after crossing Briggle Beck on Little Salkeld Viaduct or Dodds Mill viaduct as it is also known we pass the sight of Little Salkeld station.
156484 at Little Salkeld  
Traveller's tale . . .
After Little Salkeld we pass the former Long Meg sidings and plaster works and then cross the River Eden on Eden Lacy Viaduct or Long Meg Viaduct as it was also known.
66544 on Eden Lacy Viaduct  
Traveller's tale . . .
After the 99 yard long Lazonby Tunnel and Lazonby station we plunge through Baron Wood Tunnels numbers 1 and 2 then into Armathwaite Tunnel, across Armathwaite Viaduct and into Armathwaite station.
156482 at Armathwaite Tunnel 156482 at Armathwaite Viaduct  
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