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Armathwaite to Carlisle
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Mouthwatering trivia . . .
The preserved signal box is in its original position and was brought into use in 1899 and closed in 1983. It was restored in 1991 by the "Friends of the Settle & Carlisle Line" and is painted in its original Midland colours.
Local tittle-tattle ...
Armathwaite is known for it's castle, a former pele tower built to repel the Scots and it is also (but not quite so) famous for salmon fishing.
156486+142089 at Armathwaite Armathwaite Signal Box Armathwaite Station
Traveller's tale . . .
Two miles to the the north of Armathwaite we cross Dry Gill on Dry Beck Viaduct. There is now only seven miles to go to Carlisle.
Mouthwatering trivia . . .
The photograph is looking east towards the Eden Valley. Around here is arable farming whereas the southern section of the line is associated with upland grazing.
156486 on Dry Beck Viaduct
Traveller's tale . . .
Two miles further on and we reach only the second level crossing on the line at Low House.
Mouthwatering trivia . . .
The Midland Railway signal box dates from the late 1890's and (sadly for the purists and photographers - though not the motorists) the crossing gates were replaced by lifting barriers in 1975.
Low House Crossing Signal Box 156470 at Low House Crossing
Traveller's tale . . .
After Cotehill Viaduct we pass through the closed station of Cotehill where there was once a short branch line to a plaster works at Knothill. Cotehill station closed way back in 1952.
60091 [An Teallach] at Cotehill 66130 at Cotehill  
Traveller's tale . . .
After Cotehill we soon pass the last signal box on the Settle and Carlisle at Howe & Co. sidings, still in use today though it now only controls the main line. It is the fringe 'box to Carlisle Power Signal Box.
Mouthwatering trivia . . .
There was once an extensive array of sidings here with short branches to a tile works, plaster works and a brick works - all now gone of course.
156470 at Howe & Co Sidings 66242 at Howe & Co Sidings Howe & Co Sidings Signal Box
Traveller's tale . . .
A little further north and we pass the former Cumwhinton station which closed back in 1956, the station building is now a private residence and is kept in excellent condition.
Many years ago a little Jack Russell used to keep guard, sadly he will have passed away by now.
60022 at Cumwhinton Cumwhinton Station 156468+142094 at Cumwhinton
Blimey - not another bladdy Oscar! Not many people know that:
It is only 9 miles further to travel from London St. Pancras to Carlisle as it is from London Euston to Carlisle - though it is a little slower!
Mouthwatering trivia . . .
As Cumwhinton is in commuter distance from Carlisle there was talk that the station may reopen - but it doesn't appear to be happening too quickly! The signal box at Cumwhinton was located on the up side, to the north of the station at the end of the platform.
Traveller's tale . . .
Passing the former Durrant Hill complex of sidings which have all but disappeared we finally enter Carlisle station and journey's end. After 72 miles of an arduous and tortuous climb through wonderful and spectacular scenery we reach Carlisle Citadel station along the metals of the former North Eastern Railway from Petteril Bridge Junction.
60045 [Josephine Butler] at Carlisle 87024 [Lord of the Isles] and 08911 at Carlisle Local tittle-tattle ...
Carlisle Castle Steeped in both English and Scottish history Carlisle's status as the "border" city is not to be taken lightly. Whomsoever held Carlisle influenced the destinies of both England and Scotland.
From the Roman rule of Hadrian to King Arthur and Macbeth, Carlisle has it's own special place in History.
9016 [Gordon Highlander] at Carlisle 60061 [Alexander Graham Bell] + 60070 [John Loudon McAdam] at Carlisle
My name is Michael Caine ... pre-grouping, seven separate railway companies ran into Carlisle:
London & North Western, Midland, North Eastern, North British, Glasgow & South Western, Caledonian and the lesser known Maryport & Carlisle.
or perhaps you did know that?

And if you did know that, all I can say is - blimey, you're a
right clever dick aren't ya?
Well, I hope you enjoyed this little journey with me?
But don't think that means we're friends!
I'm very particular about who I travel with - know what I mean?
I'm off nar, I've got an award to collect, ta ta!
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