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May 2015
  • I'm not able to go to Settle anymore.
November 2013
  • Major update in that I've changed the domain to "".
December 2012
  • Lost my mother earlier this year so haven't done anything to the site.
January 2012
  • "Still here!" and hoping to visit the S & C this year with my little dog "Monty", the first time in 3 long years.
May 2011
  • "Still here!" Keeping an eye on things but unable to visit the S & C anymore due to family ill health.
September 2010
  • "I'm still here!" - doing the occasional bit!
November 2009
  • I now have another little dog called "Monty", a one year-old Jack Russell Terrier - he's a playful little thing!
October 2009
  • My little dog "Rosie" passed away, she was 14 - I'm heartbroken.
May 2009
  • Minor redesign and all photos rescanned for higher quality and larger format
  • Chesterfield Observer picture galley enhanced and now has thumbs
  • 1985 and 1986 photos added to Chesterfield Observer picture galley
  • 1988 photos added to Chesterfield Observer picture galley
December 2008
  • Photographs gradually being added to Works Intruder and Shed Surprise
November 2008
September 2008
  • Waitby added to the gallery
June 2008
January 2008
  • Video of 66715 on northbound gypsum loads for Kirkby Thore at Langcliffe
August 2007
  • "I'm still here!" - no updates to the S & C due to working on the Chesterfield Observer
May 2006
  • Complete site redesign - now in 1024x768 screen format and general enhancements
January 2006
May 2005
April 2005
January 2005
  • Signal Boxes, Stations, Tunnels and Viaducts data enhanced with click through photo links
  • New locations added: Haw Lane, Birkett Tunnel North
December 2004
  • Complete site redesign - silver edging, improved "drop-down" menu and cascading style-sheet enhancement
May 2004
July 2003
  • Complete site redesign
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