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halcyon days:

Many years have now passed and the railway has changed beyond recognition but I'll never forget those "halcyon days" in the 1980s and I'd like to thank the following station staff at Chesterfield without whose tolerance beyond all reasonable parameters of human endurance I pushed to the limits on occasions and many of whom I later worked with (I was the Red Star Parcels clerk) and was proud to call them colleagues, sadly and inevitably, with the passage of time, many are now deceased:

In no particular order: Barry Gullet, Charlie Wroe, Eric Jouel, Horace Bennet, Ken Sealey, Austin Stack (and his poodle "Pepe"), Ron Green, Ray Higginbottom, "Downside Don","The Penguin" (all deceased), Andy Aubert, John Green, Tony Hobson, Mick Bunting, Paul Smalley, Brian Roslyn - to you all - thank you!

Not forgetting my fellow "spotters", the passing years have clouded my memory somewhat and my sincere apologies for missing anyone out, sincere thanks for the valued friendship and great times: the deceased Norman Smith, Bill Fowler (Swindon Bill), Bill Hesketh and the very much living (as far as I'm aware) Dave Barber, Pete Dean, Gaz Flint, Mick Hesketh, "Skweed", Robin, Dave Gaschick, Merv (now guru of Barrow Hill Roundhouse), Tony, Mick, John and Rob Perrins, Simon, Del, Glyn, Neil, Mr.Lovelock and not forgetting "Excercise Man" and "Microphone Man" for giving us a laugh!

Plus many others over the years that have shared my passion for trains - I have indeed been very fortunate - This web site is dedicated to you all!

Thanks also to Freddie Lowe for additional information and RailGenArchive

The Chesterfield Observer - introduction

I'm a trainspotter and I mis-spent my youth trainspotting to the point of obsession at Chesterfield railway station in the 1980s! - but I don't regret a second of it! (Well actually there were occasions when I thought 'what the hell am I doing here'!)

What is The Chesterfield Observer?
Detailed observations of passenger and freight workings passing through Chesterfield from 1981 to 1992.

Who is it for?
Anyone interested in day to day workings of trains in the 1980s. It could be useful for historians, modellers and anyone requiring detailed information about railway operations from a bygone age - perhaps?

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The terms "up goods-up main" and "down goods-down main" are used but technically north of Tapton Jn the goods lines are "up Barrow Hill" and "down Barrow Hill".