The Rolling Stock Observer
What is it? Detailed observations of passenger and non-passenger carrying coaches and departmental stock observed at Chesterfield and around the country from 1981 to 1997.

Who is it for? I have no idea why anyone would be interested in such a thing except myself but if you're interested in what coaches formed what trains and when then this may be a helpful piece of reference work - or it may not! Historians, modellers and anyone requiring detailed information about railway operations from a bygone age perhaps?

Why do it? Not sure really - except that I'm fascinated by numbers! Initially to digitize hand-written observation notes and then decided to do it in html format so it can be put on the net for others to see.

Using the site
Date Selector Information is all in chronological monthly order up to 1992 and then yearly. Above is a "Date Selector", to select a specific date just run your mouse over the year and month above.

Searchbox? This is a simple but effective search box:
If you input a single number or word to search for you will receive a list of pages in the left hand column by date where that number or word can be found - note: the dates are not in chronological order - you then use edit > find from your toolbar to locate your desired number or word

You can also input more than one word or number or a combination eg coach number, location, date etc. you will then receive a list of pages on which all your words can be found - although all the words/numbers can be found on each of the pages listed they will not necessarily all be together on the same line.

Terminology Where it states "incomplete consist" this denotes the carriages are in observed order but some are missing and where it states "conveyed in train" this denotes the order of the carriages is not known - they are listed in numerical order. If just a single carriage is listed it is because I needed it!

What happened
in the 90s?
Enthusiasm dwindled somewhat as stock started to be withdrawn with the reduction of locomotive-hauled trains together with fewer parcel trains - the dates from 1992 to 1997 are included for record purposes even though not a lot was actually recorded.
I'd seen everything - the motivation wasn't there anymore! It was time to "move on"!